Sunday, October 12, 2008

Succeeding at ASU

Getting good grades is not the only aspect to being successful as a student at ASU. Time management, proper study habits, and balancing work with your social life are all important to becoming successful as a college student. Going to class, and getting your homework in on time are the most basic ways to make the grade, but being truly successful is so much more.

The transition between high school and college might be one of the biggest challenges that a student may face. No longer does a bell ring to remind you that it's class time, your parents don't get on your case about finishing your homework, and your teachers don't care that your dog ate your homework. A great quote that exemplifies what college is all about is, "Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune." (Jim Rohn) In college, you quickly learn that you could just go through the steps to get by in your classes and get your degree. If you want to get everything you can out of the time you’re in college, you must teach yourself something every day. You teach yourself to manage your time wisely, to be accountable for your actions, and to become completely self-reliant.

Time management is by far the most important aspect to being successful as a student at ASU. As college students, we have 2-3 hours of homework for each hour in class, which can mean anywhere from 45-60 hours of schoolwork a week! This is in addition to the part-time job that most students have to pay for their own food, and help pay for tuition/housing. On top of that, some students are committed to organizations that require several hours of work each week.

Motivation is another important factor in the equation for success. If, in your heart of hearts, you really don't want to ace all of your classes, then you won't. Motivation, determines priorities, and dedication to those priorities determines the grade you will receive.

In conclusion, there are many factors in determining your success at ASU. Good grades, completing homework, going to class, time management, commitment, dedication, and motivation all contribute to what you will become as a college student. "Take charge of your success at is up to you." (Afsaneh Nahavandi)


Jamie Lynn said...

I definitely think the biggest challenge a student will face is the transition between high school and college. I know it was definitely the most difficult for me.

Emilio Luna said...

motivation is key to success at asu.

sbennett said...
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